How to create and upload content to YouTube with Vahana VR/VideoStitch Studio

This article explains how to create and upload recorded content to YouTube.

For live streaming, please see here:


You can easily produce content and upload to Youtube with Vahana VR and VideoStitch Studio (this tutorial requires that you already have calibrated/stitched your videos)

For VideoStitch Studio

- Go to the Process tab, set your output name and parameters, then click on Process Now 

Your content is now ready to be uploaded to Youtube

For Vahana VR

- Setup an HDD output

  • Go to the configuration tab and select Outputs

  • Click on Add a new output > HDD file output, it will open the output configuration window


  • Setup your output and click on the bottom right button to save, your output has now been added

- You can now go back to the output screen and click on the HDD icon to save your content on your hard drive (click again to stop saving)

Your content is now ready to be uploaded to Youtube

Youtube upload:

- Connect to Youtube and click on the Upload button on the top right of the screen

- Select the file you created with Studio/Vahana VR it will be uploaded automatically

Your 360 video is now available on Youtube !!

Please keep in mind that it will take a few hours for YouTube to make every resolution available for 360 playback.

For any question on Youtube related issues please check Youtube FAQ:

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