User experience improvement program

Orah is introducing a product analytics program in an effort to improve its products. The program will be deployed to the products available on our website, starting with Vahana VR.


Help us improve Orah product experience :


  • Orah analytics program gathers and analyzes data on how our software customers use our products. By participating in the program, you help us improve the orverall performance and quality of our products, among which the user experience, optimization of features, detection of flaw in the UI and improvement of support documentation.,.


What information is being collected?

  • In order to collect the date, an anonymous and unique ID is generated when your software is installed on a machine. We will then collect:
  • If the application is registered or in trial mode.
  • Basic information on the system configuration which is running the software, such as CPU, GPU andOS version, IO cards..
  • Application and project sessions : when the software and a project are launched, and closed.
  • Feature usage and related events, input and output formats used.
  • Geographic location (country, and for USA which state)


Our analytics program collects data anonymously. Personal data is never collected.

Our “End User License Agreement (EULA)” makes a clear statement of the usage analytics for each updates we provide.

For applications which have a registered license, you are given a choice to accept or not to participate to the analytics program, and you can enable or disable participation from the user interface.

For trial, and pre-release applications such as beta versions, participation to our usage analytics program may be a condition to getting access to the application.

For more informations, please read our privacy policy.

You can also participate actively to software and user experience improvement, providing your feedback directly to us, by registering to this support desk and contacting us directly.

If you have any question related to usage tracking and privacy, please contact

For our generic privacy policy terms, please refer to :

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